Week 13 – Oregon State vs. Oregon

Matchup: Oregon State vs. Oregon

Vegas Line: Oregon -7

Room44B Predicted Line: Oregon -8

Room44B Minimum Value Moneyline: Oregon -310


Oregon is coming off what can only be described as a beatdown at the hands of Utah. But they still have their goal of a Rose Bowl bid ahead of them. But this scrappy Oregon State team is no pushover.

In terms of the matchups, Oregon does win 4/6, with the wins for Oregon State being in the passing game. Perhaps this points to the Beavers getting some yardage through the air and maybe a big play or two to keep them competitive. The running game matchups point to Oregon being able to control the pace of the game and keep Oregon State’s defense on the field for more plays.

Oregon State Closest Prior Matchup Score:


Oregon Closest Prior Matchup Score:


The CPM for Oregon showing the Utes doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence, but on the bright side the Beavers’ defense isn’t rated quite as highly as Utah’s. In the end, all signs point to an Oregon win, and the model has them covering the spread.

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