2022 Week 1 – Notre Dame vs. Ohio St.

Matchup: Notre Dame vs. Ohio St.

Vegas Line: Ohio St. -17.5

Room44B Predicted Line: Ohio St. -21

Room44B Min Value Moneyline: Ohio St. -422


Note that the matchups above are purely based on 2021’s numbers. Some adjustments have been made for the scoring model based on offseason attrition, portaling, coaching changes, etc.

Unfortunately for Notre Dame, Ohio State looks to be an absolute monster offensively. You can see that last year they were top-5 in just about every offensive stat. If there’s an opening for Notre Dame, it looks to be most likely when they have the ball, as Ohio State’s defense had some tough games last year and got pushed around a bit. They do have a new defensive coordinator that the fanbase is excited about, but it remains to be seen if they take a step forward.

Notre Dame did have some consistency in their passing game, but they will need to improve their consistency in the run game to take down Ohio State. All in all, the model thinks the Vegas line, as big as it is, isn’t unreasonable. It sees a blowout coming for the Fighting Irish.

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