Week 14 – Oregon vs. Utah

Matchup: Oregon vs. Utah

Vegas Line: Utah -3

Room44B Predicted Line: Utah -2

Room44B Minimum Value Moneyline: Utah -121


It wasn’t too long ago that Utah beat up Oregon to the score of 38-7. And the model for success looked very sustainable. And while the model does think that Utah should be favored here, it’s ever so slightly, so it really seems like this one could go either way.

These teams really are pretty evenly matched in terms of Power Index, with Oregon slightly better on offense and Utah slightly better on defense. The biggest matchups of the game seem to be in the running game for both teams. Utah will look to limit Oregon’s rush, which is their strength and what makes their offense hum. And Oregon will look to do the same against Utah.

Really the big question mark in this one is Utah’s consistency. Oregon is 6th and 11th in consistency, while Utah is 101st and 125th. So the Utes are prone to throwing out a clunker or two, and this one will depend on if they are on their game in this one, or if they stumble.

Closest Prior Matchups

This game is a rematch, so there’s not much to take away from the CPM scores in this one.

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