Week 13 – Washington State vs. Washington

Matchup: Washington State vs. Washington

Vegas Line: Washington State -1

Room44B Predicted Line: Washington -3

Room44B Minimum Value Moneyline: Washington -130


What an up-and-down season for both these Pac12 teams. From huge upsets to coaching changes, these teams have had a roller coaster ride of a season and look to knock off their in-state rival to finish on a high note. Both of these teams have come off of a couple of good games, so there is a reason for some optimism here in what is essentially a pick’em according to Vegas.

In a rarity for most games, 5/6 of the matchups here actually favor the defense. In fact, Washington’s struggles running the ball are the biggest mismatch of the game. Washington’s offense has had issues this season, but Wazzu’s defense has also had its troubles. So every matchup here except for Washington State’s rushing offense favors the defense. This seems to suggest a low-scoring game. Washington’s hopes probably rely on their surprisingly highly rated pass defense being good enough to keep Wazzu from any explosive plays on offense. The one issue is that their defense is probably a little over-inflated due to how bad their running defense has been. Still, Washington State doesn’t have the best running attack out there.

Washington State Closest Prior Matchup Score:


Washington Closest Prior Matchup Score:


Both teams’ CPM scores have them favored to win the game, with Washington State having slightly higher numbers, as is expected with a better offense but a worse defense.

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